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Welcome to our website www.halalfrozenfood.co.uk

Looking for quality halal food at very competitive prices? Do not look further!

Here you can learn about what we have to offer.

Wherever you are in Europe we deliver the halal products you want on your door step!

HALAL FOOD EUROPE Ltd is a leading supplier of quality halal frozen foods.
Alongside our own range, we also distribute most of the leading brands customers can find in the halal food industry. The long relation we have developed
with our partners gives us the opportunity to stock most of the reputable halal products established on the halal market. We also produce our own range within our modern production units where we ensure our production is manufactured efficiently in order to deliver value for money to our customers.

For the last past years, HALAL FOOD EUROPE Ltd has developed a strong expertise in the halal food market in Europe with a specialization in the halal frozen food segment where we position ourselves as a key supplier.

Our presence in both retail & food service demonstrates our flexibility and intention to develop a full range of halal (frozen and ambient) food suitable for both distribution channels.

The increasing demand of halal food in Europe has made this zone our main focus in term of marketplace.

With hundreds of quality products and an ever increasing demand, we aim to deliver what customers are looking for with professionalism & excellent customer service. As a direct result, our experienced team carefully follows the ethnic market trends adjusting our offer accordingly to ensure a constant incorporation of any new potential products within our core portfolio.

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